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2019 Annual Reservation Window:

December 1st - February 15th




Front Cover $500
Back Cover $400
Inside Covers $350
All Pages in Full Color
1 Full Page* $150
Pedigree Page - Additional page with matching background and 3 generation pedigree (text only) $80
2-Page Spread* $250
Deluxe Page - Custom Design by Showtime Design $175
Prime Positions - (First six pages, not inlcuding inside front cover) $75 Extra
Camera Ready Page [ click here for specs ] color must be CMYK 25% off
* Includes standard ad by our in-house designers (not Showtime Design)  

Camera Ready Ad Specifications

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Digital Images must be 300 DPI. Prints should be 8"x10" and mailed to us. We will not accept photocopies or faxed images. Please type all ad copy and send via word document or via email as we are not responsible for errors due to handwriting.

Please note: Publisher reserves the right to refuse an advertisement for any reason. The Sheltie Annual is not responsible for the opinions, statements, or innaccuracies published in the ads or editorial.

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